UNM Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

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Functions and responsibilities

Anesthesiology Department Compliance Committee


The Compliance Committee will serve as a means of oversight to assure adherence to Institutional, State, and Federal requirements regarding the clinical care of patients. The compliance requirements to be monitored will include:

  1. Documentation of clinical care and services rendered.
  2. Coding policies and billing practices.
  3. Monitoring of compliance with recognized standards of anesthesia practice.


  1. The Committee is charged with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining those processes necessary to continuously monitor and improve compliance with regulatory standards as relates to anesthesia services.
  2. The Committee will compare UNM departmental performance to accepted standards, and will implement educational programs and management strategies to correct identified compliance deficiencies.
  3. The Committee will oversee a department-wide educational program emphasizing anesthesia compliance; participation in this educational program will be required for all members of the Faculty, Staff, Midlevel providers, Coders, Residents and Fellows.
  4. The Committee will report findings of periodic assessments and audits to the Faculty on a quarterly basis.

These functions & responsibilities were adopted by the committee on: July 2010.