Medical knowledge and skills

We subscribe to the curriculum as set forth by the Society of Pediatric Anesthesia. Recently, common goals and objectives have been formulated for pediatric anesthesia fellows. These knowledge and skill-based objectives outlined here can be accomplished during your one year fellowship.


The Fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia at the Children’s Hospital of New Mexico is designed to build a strong foundation for a career in pediatric anesthesia. Through exposure to a variety of clinical cases in a rich and flexible academic environment, the fellow is able to develop superior skills for the perioperative management of children.

Read the requirements and expectations for UNM Pediatric Anesthesia Fellows.


  • Pediatric General OR: seven months
  • Research Design and Initiation (optional): one month
  • Elective: Acute pain, chronic pain: one month
  • Palliative Care | Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia: two months
  • Critical Care (PICU or NICU): one month