Selection criteria

Regional preference

  • AASCP would prefer if AA program students are either from the Southwestern Region of the United States (Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona) or have family in one or several of these states.
  • We will happily accept students from other regional backgrounds with a vested interest in pursuing employment with our department.
  • A short email to regarding your interest in our rotation along with a photo and CV.


  • AA students should report to the OR no later then 0630 for preparation of the new case day.
  • Students should prepare appropriate airway equipment, syringes, transducers and pumps/hotlines for each case. We have pyxis medication dispensers in each room, so you’ll need to contact whoever you are working with for access to meds. Our anesthesia techs are happy to help with setting up lines etc.
  • AA students will review the PMH and anesthesia plan for the day’s caseload with attending anesthesiologist/anesthetist .
  • AA students are expected to attend our weekly resident lectures and/or grand rounds/visiting professor lectures. These occur every Friday morning at 6:30.
  • AA students should stay with the OR room that they have chosen for the respective day. Do not change rooms multiple times throughout the day, unless instructed to do so. We are happy to send you into trauma cases as they occur, if interested.
  • At UNM we utilize an electronic medical record.