Pain Medicine Division offers interventional services

Pain Center

The UNM Pain Consultation and Treatment Center (PCTC) at the Clinical Neurosciences Center employs an impressive interdisciplinary team. Our mission is to provide high quality patient-centered interdisciplinary and integrative consultation to pain patients of New Mexico, and to educate and to provide a forum on pain treatments and improving self-efficacy and knowledge base for New Mexico's clinicians.

The Pain Medicine Division of the UNM Department of Anesthesiology offers Interventional Pain Medicine services to New Mexicans from all walks of life. We strive to provide compassionate and comprehensive services to reduce pain, promote coping strategies, and improve function and the quality of life.

Faculty members encourage active involvement of patients in their treatment and tailor therapies to individual needs. Such therapy may include a combination of various pain medications, adjunctive medications, interventional therapies, psychological support, and physical therapy. The Pain Consultation & Treatment Center recently consolidated interventional and non-interventional modalities under the umbrella of the Clinical Neurosciences Center. Patients are surveyed about their level of satisfaction, and the results are continuously used to drive process improvement initiatives.