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Basic Saturday Only – 8.5 CME, $850.00:

Basic Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia

Saturday October 7 2017

07:00                    Registration and Continental Breakfast

07:30                     A Systematic Approach to UGRA of the Upper Extremity

08:15                     A Systematic Approach to UGRA of the Lower Extremity

09:00                     Complications of UGRA

10:00                     Break

10:15                     Hands-on Workshop on high yield blocks*

12:15                     Lunch

13:00                     Hands-on Workshop on high yield blocks*

15:00                     Break

15:15                     More Hands-on Workshops on high yield blocks^

17:15                     Conclusion

*Workshop includes:  interscalene, supraclavicular, femoral, popliteal blocks

^More Workshops includes:  interscalene, supraclavicular, femoral, popliteal, axillary, saphenous, adductor canal


Basic Saturday and Sunday $1,150.00:

Same Saturday schedule with the Cadaver Labs on Sunday


Advanced Course: 14 CME, $1,150.00:

Saturday October 7 2017

08:30                     Registration and Continental Breakfast

09:00                     Novel Scanning Techniques for the Upper Extremity

10:00                     Novel Scanning Techniques for the Lower Extremity

11:00                     Break

11:20                     Ultrasound-guided Abdominal Wall Blocks (QL, TAP, IL, IH, Rectus)

12:20                     Lunch

13:15                     Hands-on Workshops*

15:15                     Break

15:45                     Hands-on Workshops*

16:45                     Conclusion

*Workshops: 6 stations that include upper extremity-interscalene/C5/Suprascapular/Superficial Cervical Plexus/infraclavicular/axillary/individual nerves

Lower extremity-OBT/LFC/SAPH/Adductor Canal/fascia iliaca, posterior/anterior sciatic/subgluteal/parascaral


Sunday October 8 2017

07:00                     Continental Breakfast

07:30                     Ultrasound-guided Pectoralis 1 & Pectoralis 2 blocks, Serratus Anterior Block and Paravertebrals

08:30                     Rescue Cardiac Ultrasound

09:30                     Break

10:00                     Perioperative Non-Cardiac Ultrasound

11:00                     Hands-on Workshops^

12:00                     Lunch

12:45                     Hands-on Workshops^

14:45                     Break

15:00                     Hands-on Workshops^

17:00                     Conclusion         

Hands-on Workshops^:  10 stations- cadaver, PEC 1& PEC 2, serratus anterior, Paravertebrals,-prescanning, parasagittal, transverse, Rescue cardiac ultrasound, Rescue cardiac ultrasound simulation, perioperative ultrasound-lung, vascular access, airway and gastric, DVTs


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