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Residency programs

Application deadline for the Anesthesiology Residency Program is Nov. 1. Applications are accepted only through  ERAS.

Neck Impalement During Mountain Biking

A computed tomographic aniogram.

Drs. Deiry and Gerstein published in the New England Journal of Medicine. They removed a branch from a man's neck after he fell off of his mountain bike and impaled his neck on a branch. See the article here.

Inaugural Quality Bulletin


Welcome colleagues to the inaugural edition of the department Quality Bulletin. The quality improvement landscape is rapidly evolving both within and outside our department and specialty. This bulletin will attempt to better inform and educate UNM anesthesia department members of the initiatives underway to improve healthcare quality and the growing QI literature. Quality “improvement” is often criticized when seen from the regulatory perspective. Federal “quality” reporting requirements seemingly grow by the day and place a great administrative toll on hospitals and providers. Yet, the impetus behind quality reporting mandates is real: health care delivery in the United States is far too dangerous, costly and wasteful. Payors and patients are demanding better healthcare, while hospitals and healthcare providers find it increasingly difficult to hide poor outcomes. With the advent of near ubiquitous electronic medical record and digital quality measure reporting it is now possible for consumers to view hospitals ratings.

See the following links for hospital ratings:

Plug in our hospital(s) into the links above and you will see we have a long way to go. In the bulletin you will see further details of quality improvement work as well as learning issues discovered through CERS, M&M, complication reports and literature review. I would like to thank the contributors of this issue.  -Chris Arndt, MD

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Continuing Medical Education

Presented through UNM School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development.

Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology

The next open MOCA® course is August 15, 2015. The June 6th session has been canceled. Check for upcoming 2015 courses here.

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